“Here we are about 90 days after launch with over $100 million in the $USTB fund.”

Join Jim Hiltner, co-founder and Head of Business Development at Superstate, as he delves into his transition from traditional finance to the cutting-edge world of crypto. Superstate is redefining asset management by enabling traditional investment vehicles to operate on blockchain technology. Their flagship product, USTB, innovatively focuses on ultra-short duration government bonds. Discover how Superstate listens to client feedback to refine their offerings, and explore their pivotal role in merging traditional finance with decentralized finance (DeFi). Learn about their efforts to enhance transparency, efficiency, and programmability in finance, as they build bridges between conventional assets and DeFi protocols on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC20 token standard. Witness how Superstate is scaling DeFi integration, aiming to revolutionize financial systems by bringing diverse asset types on-chain. And last, but not least, how transfers of USTB are now enabled, allowing on-chain peer-to-peer transactions directly between investors’ Allowlist addresses. This breakthrough unlocks innovative use cases, including portable collateral for intraday margin and settlement in secondary market transactions. Superstate is thrilled to offer USTB investors this new level of functionality and flexibility, enhancing their investment experience by adding a level of DeFi.


  • Superstate is an asset management business that enables traditional investment vehicles to participate on blockchain rails.
  • Their flagship product, USTB, focuses on ultra short duration government bonds.
  • Listening to client feedback and adjusting offerings is a key aspect of Superstate’s approach.
  • The current state of real world assets (RWAs) is exciting, with large asset managers building products and bringing traditional markets on-chain.
  • There is a lot of potential for growth in the RWA market, with trillions of dollars of assets that could be tokenized in the future. Superstate is building a bridge between traditional finance and DeFi, allowing traditional assets to interact with DeFi protocols.
  • The goal is to bring transparency, efficiency, and programmability to the financial system.
  • Superstate is focused on scaling up in DeFi and bringing more types of assets on-chain.
  • They are working with large DeFi protocols to integrate tokenized securities into their platforms.


00:00 Introduction and Background
04:17 Superstate’s Journey and First Product
07:14 The Maturation of the Team and Client-Focused Approach
10:47 SuperState’s Value Proposition and Market Traction
13:50 The Consortium and Industry Collaboration
19:10 SuperState’s Role in the Current Moment
21:30 Transferability of Tokenized Assets
23:20 Tokenizing Traditional Assets
30:35 Integrating Tokenized Securities with DeFi
37:13 Building the Infrastructure for the Future
42:38 Scaling Up on DeFi


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Warpcast: @Superstate
LinkedIn: @Superstate
Jim Hiltner Twitter: @HiltnerJim


Jim Hiltner, Superstate Co-founder & Head of BS

Jim Hiltner is the Head of Business Development at Superstate, an asset management firm modernizing investing through tokenized financial products. Prior to Superstate, Jim was Director of Sales at Compound Treasury, the first DeFi company to get a credit rating from S&P which offered institutions compliant fixed yield on their cash via the Compound protocol.

Before entering the blockchain space, Jim was a VP at Pagaya, an AI-driven consumer credit asset manager. There, he focused on bank, FinTech, and card network partnerships. He was also the first commercial team member at Visible Alpha, a company that offers unique fundamental insights from equity research models for institutional investors.

Jim has a degree in finance, management, and math from the University of Miami (FL) and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, playing golf, snowboarding, and taking part in any outdoor activity.

About Superstate

Superstate is an asset management firm modernizing the infrastructure of investment funds for crypto-native institutional investors. We offer investment products that benefit from the speed, programmability, and compliance advantages of blockchain tokenization. Learn more about our products for institutional investors at


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