Kevin Yunai, the founder and CEO of RWA Inc., discusses the tokenization of real-world assets and the importance of partnerships in the RWA space. He emphasizes the need for liquidity and the bridging of Web2 and Web3. Yunai also highlights the role of compliance and audit in the success of crypto projects. He discusses licensing and regulation in the UAE and the impact of licensing on the RWA ecosystem. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the mindset of issuers and the importance of educating investors about the benefits of tokenization. In this conversation, Kevin Yunai discusses the revolutionizing impact of Web3 on the industry, highlighting the trust and security it brings. He emphasizes the shift from a client-supplier relationship to becoming partners with clients. Liquidity in the Web3 space is also addressed, with Kevin sharing the success of their own token raise. The increasing interest from women in the RWA industry is noted, along with the importance of blockchain and Web3 for the future. The conversation also covers the number of issuers and tokenized assets, opportunities for investors, and the upcoming token launch and listing. The governance and utility of the RWA token are explained, along with the opportunities in tokenized commodities, real estate, and company shares. The tokenization of distressed assets is discussed, as well as the company’s CSR programs and their vision to change the world. The conversation concludes with a focus on the importance of self-education in the changing job market and the marketing strategies and roadmap for RWA, Inc.


  • Tokenization of real-world assets is a growing trend in the crypto space, providing opportunities for investors to own fractional shares of assets like real estate and commodities.
  • Partnerships are crucial for the success of RWA projects, as they provide liquidity and enable collaboration with competitors.
  • Compliance and audits are essential in the crypto industry to ensure investor protection and regulatory compliance.
  • Licensing and regulation in the UAE create a favorable environment for RWA projects, allowing for the tokenization of various asset classes. Web3 revolutionizes the industry by bringing trust and security through tokenization.
  • Partnership with clients is a key trend in the Web3 space, replacing the traditional client-supplier relationship.
  • Successful token raises serve as proof that there is plenty of liquidity in the Web3 space.
  • The RWA industry is seeing an increase in interest from women, leading to more diverse teams and perspectives.
  • Tokenized commodities, real estate, and company shares are among the key opportunities in the RWA industry.
  • Tokenizing distressed assets presents challenges due to the need to protect investor interests.
  • RWA Inc. has a vision to change the world through CSR programs and a focus on solving societal problems.
  • Self-education is crucial in the changing job market, as traditional systems may not adequately prepare individuals for the future.
  • Marketing strategies and partnerships play a vital role in the success of RWA, Inc.


00:00 Introduction and Overview
01:00 Tokenizing Real World Assets
05:55 Collaboration with Competitors
06:52 The Importance of Partnerships
08:06 Branding and Tokenizing Real World Assets
09:02 The Need for Liquidity
10:01 Educating Investors and Bridging Web2 and Web3
11:29 The Need for Fundamental Change in the Financial System
12:00 Partnerships and Liquidity
13:20 Tokenization as a Hedge
14:48 Embracing New Financial Opportunities
16:33 Partnerships and Commitments
19:00 Licensing and Operating in the UAE
20:43 The Impact of Licensing and Regulation
22:22 The Role of DEX and Central Exchanges
25:17 KYC and Participating in RWA Events
26:31 The Mindset of Issuers
27:00 Revolutionizing the Web3 Industry
28:27 Becoming Partners with Clients
29:47 Liquidity in the Web3 Space
30:31 Building During the Bear Market
32:23 Increasing Interest from Women in the RWA Industry
32:43 The Importance of Blockchain and Web3 for the Future
33:25 The Number of Issuers and Tokenized Assets
34:32 Opportunities for Investors
35:11 Upcoming Token Launch and Listing
37:21 The Governance and Utility of the RWA Token
40:14 Opportunities in Tokenized Commodities, Real Estate, and Company Shares
41:52 Tokenizing Distressed Assets
45:19 CSR Programs and Changing the World
48:27 The Importance of Self-Education in the Changing Job Market
49:46 Marketing Strategies and Roadmap



RWA, Inc. Snapshot

👔 Real World Tokenization Issuers ($9.3B+):
• ARJ Holding – Dubai conglomerate: Sheikh of Fujairah 
• Inter-M Trading – $52B asset manager
• Driven Properties – $5B real estate manager
• Abdullah Bin Rashid Alsharqi – Dubai Sheikh 

⭐️ Tokenization pipeline:
• $20M+ DePIN

🔐 Regulated Trading Licenses (UAE):
• 598517 – REAL ESTATE – expected $200B market in the UAE
• 1215655,944184,1215648 – COMMODITIES – expected $100B market in the UAE
• 208391 – VEBLEN GOODS – expected $50B market in the UAE
• 598451 – PRIVATE EQUITY – expected $150B market in the UAE
• 598451 – DePIN – expected $50B market in the UAE

💸 RWA Inc. business model:• 1.5% all tokenization assets in fee• 0.85% all asset trading in fee• 50% of ALL fees burned in $RWA token (on ETH) 🔥

💰 Investment rounds:• Angels investment 225K USD – completed ✅• Strategic partners investment 200K USD – completed ✅• KOLs investment 350K USD – ongoing 📈• Public launch investment 1.2M USD – TBD⏳

🚀 Launchpads:• Listing on top launchpads ✅

🌟 $RWA on Exchanges:• Listing on major Central Exchanges ✅• Listing on Defi platforms ✅

🤝 Partners & Advisors:• KaironLabs – Market Maker and Advisor• 4am marketing – Professional crypto growth team and Advisor• Alpha Mail Marketing – Professional strategic KOL manager• ARJ Holding – Our strong financial partner• Ape Terminal – Our strong launchpad and advisory partner• Decubate – Our strong launchpad and advisory partner• Castrum – Our venture capital investor and partner• Maven Capital – Our venture capital investor and partner• Audit partners Hacken and Beosin as strategic partners

📢 Marketing:• KOLs – strong KOL support, with more than 150 KOLs being onboarded• Announcements – more than 30 larger announcements are ready to drive massive awareness for the project

🎯 Roadmap:• MVP of the tokenization solution has been launched in the market on 1st of January 2024• Full V1 of the DEFIMINT ecosystem expected by end Q2 or beginning Q3 2024 (including the launchpads and exchanges)• Tokenization of 300M USD assets by mid 2024• Fully completed trades/sales of 300M USD assets by end of 2024


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