“We’re bringing trust, reputation, connectivity, distribution, and direct bookings to the world of travel.” – Cynthia Huang, Dtravel Co-founder and CEO

Join Travis John on the Real World Assets Show as he interviews Cynthia Huang, CEO of Dtravel. In this episode, they explore how Dtravel is transforming the travel industry with blockchain technology. Cynthia shares her journey from an early adopter of Ethereum to the launch of Dtravel, addressing major issues like high fees, lack of control, and data ownership in the traditional travel booking platforms.

Learn how Dtravel provides a direct booking solution that cuts out intermediaries, allowing seamless transactions and greater control for both hosts and guests. Cynthia explains the new meta search feature that aggregates direct booking sites, making it easier for users to find and book accommodations.

Discover the $TRVL token economy, which rewards users and supports the platform’s growth. Cynthia also highlights the importance of data ownership and how Dtravel’s decentralized data layer ensures hosts and guests retain control of their information.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and new features from Dtravel that promise to further revolutionize the travel industry by leveraging blockchain for real-world applications. This episode offers valuable insights for anyone interested in the intersection of travel and blockchain technology.


  • Dtravel addresses the lack of control for hosts on traditional short-term rental platforms by providing host tooling that allows hosts to create their own direct booking websites and keep all the funds from bookings.
  • The platform also solves the problem of high fees by reducing the share that platforms take from hosts and allowing hosts to pass on the savings to guests.
  • Dtravel is building a meta search that aggregates direct booking sites, giving hosts more distribution options and reducing their reliance on centralized platforms.
  • The company is also working on a data layer that will allow hosts to own and transfer their data, creating more trust and efficiency in the industry.
  • Dtravel aims to upend the centralized travel market that businesses like Airbnb control.
  • They are building an open ecosystem that allows for interoperability and distribution access
  • Their focus is on providing the best user and customer experience while enabling a decentralized P2P ecosystem.
  • Dtravel is targeting both Web3 natives and traditional hosts
  • Key features include a meta search, two-way Airbnb sync, and a points program
  • The $TRVL token enables payments, rewards, governance, and ownership


00:00 Introduction and Web3 Journey
02:53 Challenges Faced by Short-Term Rental Hosts
06:28 The Problem Dtravel Solves
09:47 Solving Real Problems in the Travel Industry
27:23 Building a Decentralized Data Layer
29:42 The Value of Data as an Asset
34:33 Challenges in Onboarding Hosts
43:21 The Significance of a Token Economy
50:07 Evolving Ecosystems: Web2 to Web3

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