In this episode of the Real World Assets Show, we have Thor Abbasi, co-founder of Zivoe, a Real World Asset (RWA) credit protocol disrupting high-interest consumer lending. Zivoe connects on-chain liquidity with real-world borrowers, offering a financially inclusive alternative to predatory loans. Thor discusses the origin of Zivoe, their innovative approach, experienced team, and the upcoming launch. They delve into the mechanics of the protocol, governance, and future plans for scaling and compliance.


  • Zivoe is disrupting high-interest consumer lending by connecting on-chain liquidity with real-world borrowers.

  • The team behind Zivoe has extensive experience in managing consumer loan portfolios and credit risk.

  • Zivoe focuses on helping individuals trapped in high-interest loans by providing better terms.

  • Zivoe has a tokenized ecosystem with two tranches for investors, offering competitive yields.

  • They prioritize regulatory compliance and transparency in their operations.


00:00 Introduction to Zyvo and its Mission
05:25 The Problem of High-Interest Consumer Lending
08:09 The User Flow and Partnership with Zinclusive
14:50 Tokenized Ecosystem and Yield Opportunities
31:46 Regulatory Compliance and Future Expansion

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